A better described and accurately evaluated JOB
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"Other employee evaluation systems are not based on a clear, concise, and shared understanding of what the employee is PAID to do. Our software is designed to bring clarity and alignment between the employer, the employee, and the role."
          Doug Chapman, Founder & Managing Director, enCompassing Visions

enCompassing Visions is the most comprehensive job evaluation software in the world.

It provides complete job evaluations for positions at all levels, from top executives to entry-level jobs and produces detailed job descriptions, job points and salary grids, job postings, fully-developed interview guides and more.

enCompassing Visions is a cost-effective method for satisfying government pay-equity/comparable worth standards. At the same time and in the same process, it facilitates the highest levels of talent management in one integrated software package. The software can be customized for each client's needs and is backed by exceptional service and support.

Here's what people are saying:

“I’ve never seen anything like it!...”


“Our reviews used to be very subjective. Now employees are getting objective and constructive feedback like never before...”

“I like the transparency and logic of the process...”

“And enCompassing Visions is the only software that links job descriptions and pay to employee performance measures? What’s everyone else doing then??”

“When we talk about customer service around here, the support we get from enCompassing Visions staff is the standard against which all others are compared...”

“Who did your system documentation? I actually think I completely understand what you are doing, and why, and I haven’t even opened up the system yet!...”

“The staff get your job evaluation process, and the results are pretty hard to argue against. I appreciate that!...”

“I have never worked with an organization so open to feedback, able to listen well, and act on what has been heard...”

“I can’t believe the ability to customize (configure) the software goes that deep!...”

“Simple, yet elegant. I’m very impressed with what you have created...”

More testimonials...

Contact us for a free, no obligation demonstration and ask about our customer satisfaction guarantee.


Increase satisfaction levels and employee investment through objective and quantifiable feedback based on the job they currently have or the job they would like to be considered for.   Identify people with valuable talents and skills at any stage in their career and guide their development to maximize their growth, responsibility, and success.   In all sizes and industries, our clients reach and exceed their goals in performance management, productivity, and cost-effective human resource administration.
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