Our clients' satisfaction is what really counts.

enCompassing Visions’ purpose is to provide best-of-class software that evolves any organization’s human resource processes into the highest levels of talent management. We back that up with one-on-one customer support and service because the long-term satisfaction of our clients is our most important goal.

Every organization has unique requirements, procedures and values. We take the time to listen and understand how each client operates so we can help them implement the modules that best meet their needs. Then we ask for unvarnished feedback so we can better develop improvements on our products and services.


What our clients are saying about enCompassing Visions...

At enCompassing Visions, customer satisfaction is a priority. We view each client as a long-term business partner with whom we have an ongoing relationship. We regularly seek input from the users to critique the software and gather information for improvements and additional features that drive our continuing program of research and development.

Following are examples of comments from a recent satisfaction survey:

"Great service. If you have any problems, you know who to contact and how."
"Intuitive program – it’s easy to complete a questionnaire and the tool tips are very helpful."
"Combining the Performance Evaluations with the Jobs Module was very easy and allows you to do reviews as soon as it is installed."
"It’s very easy to run off reports to find out how an individual, department or company is doing!"
enCV support has always been prompt, responsive and professional.”
"We like the performance review process and maintaining job descriptions that change often."
"Ensures internal equity between job positions of equal value within the organization."

"enCompassing Visions is an integral piece of the strategic human resources plan of RVS, working closely to align the needs of our organization with best practices in the human resources field. Our RVS motto,Engage, Enrich, Empower, is an ideal label for our work with enCV.

For more than seven years we have engaged in a journey facilitating a comprehensive model of job evaluation, ensuring our organization is well aligned with industry standards.

Performance management in RVS has been enriched through our use of enCV tools and strategies, facilitating outstanding communication between supervisors and our employees.

Our relationship with enCV has helped empower our Human Resources team to develop and initiate processes to best address the needs of our primary client...the learners of RVS.

Over the past seven years we have nurtured an outstanding relationship with enCompassing Visions. Their service to our team is exceptional. We can sincerely state they have helped us become a stronger learning organization."

Pat Worthington—Director of Human Resources, Rocky View Schools

“Our whole job evaluation exercise could not have been smoother or be easier to maintain. I know the Questionnaire, the evaluation process and the supporting software were many years in development, and it shows. enCompassing Visions is elegant and refined, yet was simple to roll out and continues to give us rock solid results.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of the new enCV system did not become readily apparent until 2011, when a significant government audit occurred at the company. The random audit was initiated by the Pay Equity Office of Ontario and was aimed at ensuring “equal pay for work of equal value” within the organization. Relying heavily upon the job analysis and evaluation data contained within the enCV system, the company flew through the audit. As a result, there were zero negative audit findings and, in fact, the company was applauded for its strong efforts in this area.”

Fred Hibbs, Manager—Human Resources, Elcan Optical Technologies

  Office workers

"Based on my considerable previous experience working with enCompassing Visions, it was easy to see how the software would clearly and effectively support our goal at WestJet of consistently delivering an outstanding travel experience through our caring, dedicated and professional staff."   Airline industry client

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