Improve performance and employee engagement

Employees are an organization's most valuable resource, and managing people effectively takes time and money. Organizations in the municipal and educational sectors often struggle to balance increasing service demands against stagnant growth in available revenues. Leadership is increasingly challenged to find the time and resources for developing people to be the best they can be.

To close the gap, enCV staff worked closely with school board and municipality experts for more than 2,000 hours to develop an integrated database for each sector.

Now with jobs, behaviors, technical skills and licenses/certifications described, evaluated and linked to roles and responsibilities, implementing talent management within your school board or municipality will be incredibly efficient, cost effective and as simple as downloading employee names and linking each person to their assigned role. We can even help you do that.

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The Jobs Database
This completely integrated template gives municipalities and school boards access to:
 checkmark Job descriptions with current, defined responsibilities and accountabilities for every role.
 checkmark Job evaluation results for each job description.
 checkmark Unique behavioural competencies for every position.
 checkmark Specific, job-linked technical skills, licenses and professional certifications.
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Employee Engagement

Research in Canada suggests that higher engagement rates in the public sector translate into trust and confidence in public institutions, improved employee performance and a sense of well-being held by public servants. The reality is it’s likely that up to two-thirds of public sector employees are not performing to their capabilities.

According to the 2014 Public Service Employee Survey Organizational Results, response data shows:

  • Only 40% are confident that their immediate supervisor keeps them informed about issues affecting their work
  • Only 36% fully believe they receive useful performance feedback
  • Only 24% strongly feel they get the training they need to do their job
  • Only 24% are confident that job competitions are fair and transparent
  • Only 19% strongly believe they are supported in their career development
  • Only 11% strongly believe unsatisfactory job performance is managed effectively

enCompassing Visions can help municipalities and school boards increase job satisfaction and employee engagement by:

  • Making expectations clear
  • Compensating people fairly for the work they do
  • Evaluating every aspect of an employee's performance with consistency and objectivity
  • Identifying training needs/tracking training effectiveness at all levels
  • Assessing and building organizational capacity into short-, mid- and long-term plans
  • Supporting informed hiring and promotional decisions
  • Giving supervisors the tools they need to help their staff be the best they can be
  • Building relationship and accountability into management processes
  • Consistently communicating what it takes to be successful

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