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The Reality:
Whether paper or software based, most approaches to employee management are highly subjective, enabling of personal bias, time consuming and create an environment of fear.
The Consequence:
Organizations choose either not to do employee evaluations or do them anyway and then manage through the consequences resulting from inaccurate or unavailable data. Either way, they set themselves and their employees up to under-perform.
The Solution:    
enCompassing Visions software integrates management processes—from creating the job description to identifying the candidate best suited to do it—and everything in between. Starting at the right place supports high-performing organizations because roles, responsibilites, and expectations can be clearly, consistently, and objectively managed.

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Employee Engagement   Performance Management

Engagement levels can be seen in the discretionary effort employees invest in their job and the level of satisfaction they express about their work. enCV positively impacts many of the drivers of engagement because:

  1. Expectations and accountabilities are automatically quantified and objectively, consistently, and succinctly communicated through our process.
  2. Performance review measures are automatically set to always be the expectations and accountabilities of the assigned job—including behavioural competencies, technical skills, and work plan objectives. Feedback can be gathered in single or multiple review formats.
  3. Employees can take responsibilty for their career through feedback processes that clearly communicate performance strengths or gaps in their current or future desired role.

Both the employee and supervisor understand all aspects of the job, are aware of their progress toward individual and departmental goals and can identify areas for improvement—with metrics that can be tracked even as the job evolves over time.

"It makes expectations clear."  Municipal government client
"Builds relationship and accountability into management processes."   Financial institution client


Defined employee accountability standards and bias-free observations deliver the most meaningful employee performance feedback in the industry. Every part of the performance review is based directly on what the employee is paid to do as outlined and agreed to with the job evaluation.

This specific analysis of strengths and development needs identifies high-performing employees and reveals opportunities for performance improvement. It can also be used to measure the results of initial and ongoing training programs.

The Work Plan component allows integration of special projects or work assignments to the performance standards. Work Plan achievements are automatically included as a part of the overall performance review.

"It evaluates every aspect of an employees’ performance - with greater consistency and objectivity."  Payroll services client

Detailed Job Descriptions Business people working in office

Our proven technology is guaranteed to fully describe and evaluate every job in any organization.

The job description outlines the responsibilities and expectations for the employee and provides management with the ability to direct and guide employees based on documented performance objectives.

enCV saves hundreds of hours in evaluating jobs, producing salary grids, and ensuring pay-equity compliance. Current job evaluations, postings and interview guides for any position in the organization can be generated in moments. And with any change to a job, enCV ensures all related reports and employee performance expectations are automatically updated at the same instant.

"Gives supervisors the tools they need to help their staff be the best they can be."  Healthcare services client

Competency Gap Analysis Pay Equity

Automatically, consistently, and objectively calculate the performance gap between what was expected and what was observed.

The system provides targeted training suggestions that optimize the time and money invested in professional development. Training results can be documented and measured on an ongoing basis through an employee performance evaluation process that consistently tracks change against established job metrics.

"Identify training needs/track training effectiveness at an individual, team or organization-wide level."  Healthcare industy client

Job evaluation results are based on Skill, Effort, Responsibility, and Working Condition measures. enCV has been tested in a pay-equity jurisdiction widely recognized as one of the most stringent in North America.
Read this client's letter.

Whether the goal is to prove internal equity or to develop a market-based pay scale, enCV generates results that consistently link salary to expectations and accountability.

"Compensate people fairly for the work they do."  Airline client

employees at a meeting Career Path and Succession Planning

Hiring and retaining talented people is always a challenge. Based on past performance, enCompassing Visions helps identify top candidates and match them with jobs that suit their personal attributes as well as their skills and experience.

Querying the database with targeted skills for vacancies, promotions or succession produces a list of potential candidates within seconds. Employees can set career goals within the organization, and specifically know what technical skills and behavioural competencies they need to develop to be considered for other job opportunities within the organization.

"Consistently communicate what it takes to be successful."  Non-profit organization client
"Make better informed employment and promotional decisions."  Municipal government client

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