Is Encompassing Visions a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?

No, not at all. Encompassing Visions is the engine to capture Job Data and Competencies, and apply that data to Job Evaluation and Talent Management processes.

What if I don’t have an HRIS installed?
Depending on the size of your organization, this may be your lucky day! The standard functionalities in Encompassing Visions when interfacing with a robust Payroll System may be all you need to provide sophisticated information about people and the work they are doing.
What if I already have an HRIS installed?
That’s great! Encompassing Visions interfaces with most HRIS platforms on the market today. Data can be shared simply and securely, so no double entry is required.
‘What if I already have an HRIS and a Talent Management system in place?

No problem. Our Job Evaluation Methodology can be introduced independently to ensure base pay for jobs meets pay equity standards. If your learning and growth feedback process is paper-based, we can automate it, and seamlessly anchor your future reviews to the jobs people are actually doing.

What really differentiates Encompassing Visions from the other point factor job evaluation systems?

Jobs have gotten significantly more complicated since the early 1950’s when the first job evaluation methodologies were introduced. They take considerable time to learn and apply consistently. Most, then and now, have a limited number of factors, may be spreadsheet-based, and use ‘Guide charts’ and hieroglyphics to explain why someone is paid what they are. We believe this is no longer wise with such an educated and interested audience working in organizations, particularly if employee engagement levels are to be considered. So, as a way to contrast these other methodologies with Encompassing Visions, Envitae was designed for the 21st century. Practically speaking, it requires software to perform the calculations because the number of factors, validation reports and system checks are exhaustive. Our system generated job descriptions INCLUDE evaluation rationale, so people will know there were no questions left ‘unasked’ and no aspects of their work left ‘unmeasured.’

What happens to my customized text when I upgrade? Am I going to lose it?
Absolutely not! When you upgrade we ensure that all of your customizations – alternate terms, Questionnaire text, Competency definitions, Competency Review questions, etc. – are all retained and carried over into the newest versions.

Our Technology

Encompassing Visions is a browser-based application requiring a modern browser on Windows or Mac. The server can be hosted by us (via Microsoft Azure) or by you with your Windows Server(s) providing IIS and Microsoft SQL server. An optional mobile app exists for Android and iOS to consolidate learning and growth feedback.


System Requirements

Encompassing Visions can be installed on-premises or cloud-hosted as a SaaS application using Microsoft Azure. It is a three-tier application with the presentation layer being the Internet browser, the middle tier residing on the Internet Information Server of Windows Server, and the data residing in a Microsoft SQL Server database.

System Installation
The installation of the software is completely self-contained in an InstallShield setup. No other installation is required other than preparation of the server hardware with the appropriate operating system and SQL Server. Software installation assistance and consulting are available during Encompassing Visions business hours of 8:00am to 4:30pm MST and all technical support issues are automatically escalated to the Manager of Technical Support Services. Software upgrades during the first year following installation are also provided at no additional cost.

Connection Requirements
When installed on-premises, Encompassing Visions operates within a local area network or a high-speed wide area network. Using HTTPS to encrypt communications is recommended. When cloud-hosted, we force all internet traffic over HTTPS to ensure all data is encrypted in transit.

Storage Capacity
Data storage capacity within Encompassing Visions is limited only by the capabilities of the SQL Server database. The application programs, pages and on-line Help screens occupy about 600 megabytes of disk space on the IIS server.

Internet Browser Requirements
Windows client browser: recent version of Firefox, Chrome or Edge.
Mac client browser: recent version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Enhance your HR Processes with our Integrated Suite

Our modular web-based application;

  • Captures high quality Job Data via Envitae and the Job Databases to improve your HR processes
  • Integrates with most HRIS and enterprise systems
  • Comes in three configurations to meet your organization's specific requirements