Operationalize core organizational competencies specific to Competitive Advantage and Culture

With Encompassing Visions, an organization’s core competencies are automatically embedded into HR processes. This ensures Jobs are described and evaluated – and Employees are consistently recognized, hired, promoted, and developed – in support of the organization’s culture and competitive advantage.

Cost efficiencies

Databases and technology enabled HR processes result in increased HR efficiency and significant cost savings.

Enhanced HR processes

  • Job Descriptions and Evaluation: An efficient system perceived as transparent, objective and equitable due to more granular job analysis, generating Job Descriptions and Job Evaluation results that do not require interpretation.
  • Recruiting and Posting: System generated recruiting and posting summaries that include core competencies, and interview questions that probe skill and competencies to select the right person for the right job.
  • Learning and Growth: Learning discussions revolve around the prescribed skills and competencies required of the role or some future role. Target learning investments by aggregating development needs across organizational units. The return on the learning expenditure can be measured by tracking improvement in specific competencies.
  • Talent Assignment and Planning: The best candidates can be objectively identified based on demonstrated competencies. The proficiency of high potential candidates can be compared to the competencies of key roles to determine development opportunities. Talent bench strength can be assessed for key competencies or roles.
  • Increased Employee Engagement: Reduced subjectivity and increased transparency across all these processes contributes to employee perception of fairness.

Enhance your HR Processes with our Integrated Suite

Our modular web-based application;

  • Captures high quality Job Data via Envitae and the Job Databases to improve your HR processes
  • Integrates with most HRIS and enterprise systems
  • Comes in three configurations to meet your organization's specific requirements