Our Leadership

enCompassing Visions is a privately owned Canadian company providing job and talent evaluation software solutions to clients across North America. Through our integrated and proprietary suite of products, our team provides tools that empower any organization, regardless of size or industry, to reach its maximum potential.
Douglas A.W. Chapman

Douglas A.W. Chapman

Founder and Managing Director

As the creator of enCompassing Visions, Doug Chapman has been helping organizations align and integrate their management processes for more than 35 years. With a degree in Psychology and a passion for people, Doug has developed a reputation in the marketplace for bringing new insights, a practical perspective, and strong process skills to the area of job and talent evaluation.  He has had the pleasure of presenting his concepts and perspectives to professional associations across North America and the United Nations.
Dawne Warner

Dawne Warner

Client Engagement Director

With over 20 years experience inside large and mid-size organizations (private, public and corporate), Dawne Warner has successfully motivated people to strive for their personal best. She has extensive experience developing and managing teams, leaders and individuals for a wide range of market sectors and customers including Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Boston Pizza and Rocky View County (Alberta).
Kimbal Raymond

Kimbal Raymond

Information Technology Director

Since graduating at the top of his class in computer technology, Kimbal has managed and contributed to the analysis, design, development, implementation, security, support, maintenance and training of proprietary software systems within Red Deer College, the Alberta Mental Health Board and David Thompson Health Region. His first exposure to enCompassing Visions was as a client. The program and its potential so impressed him that he joined our team in 2004.
Garry Caughlin CPA, CMA, FICB, FCI

Garry Caughlin CPA, CMA, FICB, FCI

Corporate Development Director

Garry is a seasoned professional with a career spanning numerous Financial and Information Services Executive positions and Consulting engagements. In addition, Garry has contributed and led the development and operations of varied Canadian Professional and Industry organizations. Garry’s role with Encompassing Visions focuses on expanding the reach of the enterprise through sound governance and development of mutually beneficial complementary relationships including distribution relationships, vertical channel development and strategic client acquisitions.

Laurie LePan

Laurie LePan

Business Development Director

Laurie has a proven track record of success in IT Major Account Sales, Business Development, Customer Service, Education and Training, and Interpersonal Leadership. With three decades of high level account management, undertaken with international organizations, she ensures technology solutions fit client values, cultures, employee needs, and business strategies. Laurie teams her technical knowledge with finely tuned interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and a strong work ethic to consistently provide outstanding service and support to her valued clients.

Our Clients



Achieve success and increase their competitive advantage through the most valuable resource they have – their people.

We have supported organizations in industries as diverse as aerospace, computer services, commercial real estate, credit unions, education, energy, health care, insurance, manufacturing, municipal government, police services, pulp and paper, retail, and software development – ranging in size from 23 to 45,000 employees.

The program has been used:

  • By growing start-ups to build foundational processes that expand with their needs.
  • For merging businesses into a single organizational and operational culture.
  • To establish appropriate compensation practices in a government-mandated pay equity audit.
  • To build internal credibility, understanding and buy-in for an organization’s job and talent performance evaluation programs.
  • To create competitive advantage through integrated processes that save organizations time and money.

We are proud of our work and remain active partners and contributors to the majority of our legacy and current clients.

In recognition of the importance of confidentiality, we refrain from publishing client lists or logos. Should you require a more comprehensive client list, contact us directly.
We are honored, however, when our clients encourage us to publish testimonials. enCompassing Visions would like to thank Pat Worthington and his team at Rocky View Schools for their words of encouragement and inspiration.

“enCompassing Visions is an integral piece of the strategic human resources plan of RVS, working closely to align the needs of our organization with best practices in the human resources field. Our RVS motto, Engage, Enrich, Empower, is an ideal label for our work with enCompassing Visions.

For more than seven years we have engaged in a journey facilitating a comprehensive model of job evaluation, ensuring our organization is well aligned with industry standards.

Performance management in RVS has been enriched through our use of enCompassing Visions tools and strategies, facilitating outstanding communication between supervisors and our employees.

Our relationship with enCompassing Visions has helped empower our Human Resources team to develop and initiate processes to best address the needs of our primary client…the learners of RVS.

Over the past seven years, we have nurtured an outstanding relationship with enCompassing Visions. Their service to our team is exceptional. We can sincerely state they have helped us become a stronger learning organization.”

Pat Worthington

Director of Human Resources, Rocky View Schools


It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain


enCompassing Visions is a web-enabled, competency-anchored application with an intuitive user interface, designed and tested by HR professionals across North America. It is easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain.
The programming and logic behind the software represent an investment of more than 30 years and $17M in progressive research, field trials, and refinement.


Is enCompassing Visions a Human Resource Information System (HRIS)?

No, not at all.  enCompassing Visions is the engine for creating the information about jobs and employee performance that an HRIS may require for other reporting purposes.

What if I don’t have an HRIS installed?

Depending on the size of your organization, this may be your lucky day!  The standard functionalities in enCompassing Visions when interfacing with a robust Payroll System may be all you need to provide sophisticated information about people and the work they are doing.

What if I already have an HRIS installed?

That’s great! enCompassing Visions interfaces with most HRIS platforms on the market today. Data can be shared simply and securely, so no double entry is required.

What if I already have an HRIS and a Performance Management system in place?

No problem. enVitae Job Evaluation Methodology can be introduced independently to ensure base pay for jobs meets pay equity standards. If your performance management system is paper-based, we can automate it, and seamlessly anchor your future reviews to the jobs people are actually doing.

What really differentiates enCompassing Visions from the other point factor job evaluation systems?

Jobs have gotten significantly more complicated since the early 1950’s when the first job evaluation methodologies were introduced. They take considerable time to learn and apply consistently.  Most, then and now, have a limited number of factors, may be spreadsheet-based, and use ‘Guide charts’ and hieroglyphics to explain why someone is paid what they are. We believe this is no longer wise with such an educated and interested audience working in organizations, particularly if employee engagement levels are to be considered. So, as a way to contrast these other methodologies with enCompassing Visions, enVitae was designed for the 21st century. It requires software to run it specifically because the number of factors, validation reports and system checks are exhaustive.  Our system generated job descriptions INCLUDE evaluation rationale, so people will know there were no questions left ‘unasked’ and no aspects of their work left ‘unmeasured.’

How fast could I install and implement a fully integrated enCompassing Visions instance?

Based on an organization of 500 employees and a dedicated project focus by one full-time staff member, enCompassing Visions can be installed, the job evaluation process can be completed, and employee performance review feedback available for analysis in less than three months.

What happens to my customized text when I upgrade? Am I going to lose it?

Absolutely not! When you upgrade we ensure that all of your customizations – alternate terms, Questionnaire text, Competency definitions, Competency Review questions, etc. – are all retained and carried over into the newest versions.