Consulting & Coaching Services

Get the assistance your organization needs to realize the full potential of Encompassing Visions.

Consulting services to leverage the intelligence gained through our job and talent evaluation processes help strengthen interpersonal skills at all levels in your organization. 

These include:

✓ Engaging the next generation of employees and consumers

✓ Communicating positive feedback and constructive criticism

✓ Building strong interpersonal relationships with employees and peers

✓ Aligning employee coaching plans with organizational values and strategies to increase employee engagement

✓ Supporting employees that are struggling with organizational transitions

✓ Handling conflict in a positive and productive manner

Encompassing Visions provides on-site consulting support including:

✓ Software configurations to accommodate your organizations unique needs

✓ Software training and communications support

✓ Project leadership and guidance, including active participation in project roll out

✓ Incorporation of data intelligence from Encompassing Visions  into the design of salary structures  for your organization

✓ Analyzing and understanding the relationship between your performance measures, organizational values, and operational achievements