At the heart of Encompassing Visions is enVitae – a job evaluation methodology that uses a proprietary, points-based multiple choice questionnaire to identify the key factors and competencies required to do any job in your organization.

It has been tested and found effective at identifying the unique qualities of jobs across markets and industries as diverse as aerospace, banking, conservation, education, energy, gaming, government services, hospitality, health care, insurance, nuclear power generation, retail operations, and security.

enVitae can be locally installed or cloud-based – and can be easily configured to produce job evaluation results that appropriately reflect the goals, values and job-specific attributes important to your organization.

The objectivity of enVitae ensures pay equity compliance and informs the design of intelligence-based salary structures. It is remarkably comprehensive, and consistently produces results that are simple and straightforward to explain.

Organizations strive to ensure employee performance measures and coaching activities are based on the job the employee is paid to do.  enVitae sets the foundation for organizations to prove the validity of their process.