Software that helps organizations build objectivity, accountability, and respect into their compensation practices.

Encompassing Visions™ (ENCV) provides a rich set of functionalities for optimally aligning the job classification process with technology to support the strategic and operational objectives of client organizations. ENCV has effectively supported public and private sector organizations in ensuring pay equity standards are in place for their unionized and exempt jobs for more than 35 years.

The software enables the efficient gathering, analysis, and scoring of job Skill, Effort, Responsibility and Working Conditions using the system embedded, internationally copyrighted, pay equity compliant, and competency based JPS Job Questionnaire©. There are no ‘fill-in-the-blank’ questions. Electronic date stamps, combined with the easy yet secure approach to the input and maintenance of job accountabilities, helps ensure job duties, responsibilities and evaluated pay levels accurately reflect the work being done.

The depth of the software architecture underlying ENCV helps organizations standardize risk management practices and increase collaboration across functions. It helps ensure repeatable, consistent results and reduce the risk of harm caused by human generated individual preferences and bias. In less time, with greater precision, and at significantly less overall cost than other job evaluation methodologies, ENCV generates results that can prove the accuracy, consistency, and objectivity of each completed survey in more than 15 different ways. ENCV’s referential integrity ensures the job evaluation process consistently demonstrates accountability, objectivity, and respect to every stakeholder.

Clear communication with, and process understanding of, participants is foundational to our approach. Each question in the survey has an attached Elaboration button explaining it ‘another way’, and every response option has attached benchmark job examples to assist respondents make informed choices. The software enables multiple job incumbents to independently provide their specific perspectives on what the work requires, and the software automatically summarizes those multiple surveys into one reviewable average.

As process feedback to employees, ENCV system-generates Job Descriptions with evaluation rationale supporting the suggested job evaluation result in language that does not require job evaluation expertise to interpret, communicate or understand.

Further, ENCV ensures consistency of results over time through the on-line storage of job evaluation rationale. With our software, job evaluation recommendations made years from now will be developed from a complete understanding of the perspectives, value interpretations and job comparators used to make decisions today – even with job evaluation practitioner or committee membership change.

Our client configurable software easily accommodates changes related to survey terminologies, factor weights, competency definitions, module features, and report content. System access granted to Users can be controlled to a very detailed level. And with ENCV, job evaluation results support the achievement of strategic and operational objectives because it identifies and recognizes jobs, on a relative basis, that are required to demonstrate the skills, efforts, responsibilities, working conditions, and behavioural competencies most challenging and valued by the organization.

our process will:

  • increase operational efficiencies and enable better, more informed, and objective decision making with respect to job classification.
  • provide an opportunity to involve staff, management, and other stakeholders in defining and resolving differences between understandings and expectations as they pertain to job responsibilities and accountabilities; and,
  • generate job evaluation results that recognize the critically important skills and behaviors most directly associated with achieving strategic and operational objectives.


    • through efficiencies and cost savings related to management and employee time required to prepare and update job descriptions;
    • with reduced practitioner/committee time required to effectively review and evaluate jobs for fair, defensible and appropriate job classification/compensation results; and,
    • because ENCV positively impacts employee engagement with deployment of a transparent process that generates understandable results.

      Enhance your HR Processes with our Integrated Suite

      Our modular web-based application;

      • Captures high quality Job Data via Envitae and the Job Databases to improve your HR processes
      • Integrates with most HRIS and enterprise systems
      • Comes in three configurations to meet your organization's specific requirements