Integrated JOB and TALENT EVALUATION Suite

Data intelligence directly links employee performance to organizational values and strategies.



The Job Data Bank drives Recruiting Documents, Performance Review Questions, and establishes the foundation for Performance Reports.

enCompassing Visions is a complete job and talent evaluation software solution for organizations having 25 to 100,000+ unique roles. 

It is the result of more than 30 years and $17M in progressive research, field trials, and refinement.

Unlike any other talent evaluation solution, employee performance measures are anchored to job evaluation results. Employees will know what duties and expectations are most important in their job while their performance is managed according to those priorities. This hardline connection mitigates appraisal subjectivity and ensures clarity when it comes to paying employees for the jobs they were hired to perform.


At the heart of enCompassing Visions is enVitae – a job evaluation methodology that uses a proprietary, points-based multiple choice questionnaire to identify the key factors and competencies required to do any job in your organization. 


Every aspect of the performance management process is anchored to custom role expectations generated by enVitae and stored in the job Data Bank. This link is critical. It ties what an employee is paid to do directly with clearly defined expectations that will guide talent assessment.