Moneyball for Human Resource Management

In 2001, general manager Billy Beane of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletic’s (played by Brad Pitt in the 2011 film ‘Moneyball’) proved that measuring the right things would allow mathematics to analyze and cut straight through to where value could be found, with...

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Value of Linking Job Evaluation to Performance

Job evaluation, according to Wikipedia, is a systemic way to determine the value (or worth) of one job relative to another in the same organization.  The process requires jobs be compared on skill, effort, responsibility and working condition factors.  Then, an...

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The Synergy of Effective Communication and Technology

Communication is one of the key things we all do. What we ‘say’, through our words and actions, gives us the opportunity to connect, support, learn and develop meaningful relationships.
At enCompassing Visions, we felt we had some improvements to make with…..

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