Job Evaluation Software by Encompassing Visions

Our comprehensive Job Evaluation Software and integrated Talent Management Suite empowers your organization to:

  • Define each job in your organization, quickly and easily
  • Evaluate every job for equitable compensation
  • Confirm the relative context and uniqueness of each job
  • Discover new competencies required when job responsibilities change
  • Build and manage job expectations and accountabilities

Additional features:

  • More than 15 audits help ensure the integrity of Job Evaluations.
  • A more granular evaluation methodology ensures every aspect of the role is factored in.
  • System generated evaluations ensures objective and consistent results (i.e. not open to subjective interpretation).
  • Can evaluate the full spectrum of jobs in an organization.
  • Job Evaluation is viewed as transparent, objective, comprehensive, and equitable
  • Pay Equity compliant (for jurisdictions requiring Job Evaluation)
  • Administrative and bureaucratic burden is greatly reduced as the system focuses on getting the Job Data right rather than interpreting subjective narrative.
  • Minimize confrontations and disputes about pay grades
  • Interest in increasing stakeholder participation and transparency of results
  • Establish internal equity positively impacting employee engagement
  • Easy and cost effective to implement.

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