Successfully supporting the unique requirements of a broad range of organizations

Establish foundation processes that grow and expand your company…

A small tech company was growing exponentially, creating new roles and hiring employees faster than they could create the necessary HR processes. They knew they needed help fast and that they needed to have a system like Encompassing Visions even before installing an HRIS.  That’s when an in-house Encompassing Visions champion suggested calling us to see if we could help.  Sensitive to how limited time was for the leadership team, we worked with them to develop a plan to gather all the necessary information and get the software up and running quickly.  With the support of our consulting team, and in less than 1 month, they now have internal job equity; job descriptions that reflect the organization’s values (including the skills and competencies necessary for each job); a review process that links the job to the employee’s performance review; and access to a data bank of reports.  This company will continue to grow while ensuring employees are recognized, paid fairly, have clear expectations and remain engaged. Learning and development is now linked directly to their jobs and evolving organizational needs.

Ensure the success of a merger by aligning cultural goals and values and integrating job description and evaluation data…

After a disappointing experience with an internationally known consulting company and their proprietary job evaluation process,  a Canadian health care region was searching for a new partner to assist with a system and process that would prepare the region for a major consolidation, restructuring, and integration. The previous partner had been tasked with evaluating 175 jobs, but it had taken considerable time, and the results had been formally questioned by 35% of the regional staff. The new system would have to address double the number of jobs and support the merger of 12 separate health regions. The new region would consist of a psychiatric hospital, three psychiatric units, 17 hospitals, 25 continuing care centers, and 22 community health care centers.  Not only would staff numbers double, but the merger would force the consolidation of five classification systems, five salary administration systems, and five distinct organizational cultures. After formal presentations by representatives from several short-listed organizations, the review board unanimously selected Encompassing Visions. Once on the project, it took Encompassing Visions 50% less time to evaluate twice the number of jobs, and the results were such that only four job classifications were questioned.  Of those four, only one supported a change in job level upon the second review with the job incumbent. The consolidation, integration and evaluation process was such a success that the health region client was asked to present at the annual association conference for human resource professionals.

Secure management and staff buy-in to a relevant employee review process…

Regional Municipality

A municipal government had grown so rapidly without proper processes for performance reviews that the HR team struggled to get buy-in from managers to complete employee reviews or update job descriptions. Critical symptoms of these organizational weaknesses included low employee morale and service delivery issues. From experience, leaders believed that establishing effective processes and pushing out updated job descriptions were both onerous and time-consuming activities and they were reluctant to commit. After several failed attempts at re-doing the process and spending thousands of dollars on performance training, the completion rate for employee reviews continued to drop until it hit 50%.  This decline in completion rate was compounded by the evidence presented by the HR team that growing internal issues, such as an increase in short-term disability and a decrease in employee engagement, were the direct result of an inadequate review process and outdated job descriptions. There was also the steady stream of internal complaints related to pay equity.

Once Encompassing Visions was contracted, and its Integrated Job and Talent Evaluation Software Suite was implemented, within months all employees were trained and engaged with the process. The municipality now had: a job evaluation process that provided a clear internal equity system; role specific job postings; performance reviews that evaluated employees based on the job they were hired to do, and a process that provided relevant and objective feedback.  Today, employee review completions rates sit at 99%.

A manufacturing organization of 700+ employees was in desperate need of updating the job structure for 247 existing jobs, as well as, an additional 35 jobs related to new operational initiatives.  The current system had been developed internally and over the years had become increasingly more complicated to use and time-consuming to maintain. It also became clear that the existing system was providing a poor foundation for all other related HR processes such as performance, training and development, and career planning. Throughout the Request for Proposal (RFP) process, Encompassing Visions was told later it was considered to be the clear (and unanimous) choice as it offered a detailed and thorough job analysis and evaluation process, it was easy to use, and it was affordable. With the commitment of the selection committee and  the participation of Encompassing Visions consultants, job descriptions were reduced by 78% and salary grades were streamlined and decreased by 40%.  The efficiencies and clarity that the software provided to the company were immediately noticed by all employees, but the greatest benefit became apparent when the Pay Equity Office of Ontario came for a visit.  The company flew through the audit, there were zero negative findings reported, and the Pay Equity Office auditors, in fact, applauded the company for its work in this area.