Encompassing Visions


When a job is described and evaluated by enVitae, the various aspects that went into determining its job evaluation points (i.e., the Skills, Efforts, Responsibilities and Working Conditions) are not forgotten.

In fact, they are automatically translated by Encompassing Visions into behavioral competencies that define not only the questions to ask in the performance review, but what the feedback is saying about each incumbents success in their assigned job. The software combines this information with incumbent work plan objectives and personal development objectives to create a complete understanding of what was done and how it was accomplished, always based on what each individual in your organization is paid to do.


The Job Data Bank drives Recruiting Documents, Performance Review Questions, and establishes the foundation for Performance Reports.

With job anchored performance feedback, enCompassing Visions can identify and create individual coaching and team training plans in a matter of seconds.

Most importantly, and unique to our software, it will ensure all resource investments in staff development are prioritized and targeted to specifically improve each employee’s ‘on the job’ performance at the least cost.
The program assists with the development of succession plans, and recognizes high performers early in their career by allowing the software to simply match up job-specific needs with employee performance history.

Dashboard graphics will provide visual support to the many detailed reports that speak to organizational goal and value achievements.



✓ Performance reviews take less time and are easier to complete (i.e., the measures are provided by the software)

✓ Summarized performance feedback and development suggestions are objectively determined based on ‘gap size’ between 1) what the job is paid to do, and 2) how closely employee performance matches those expectations

✓ Quantitatively evaluate the year over year impact of training/development investments

✓ Promote staff and make succession planning decisions that consistently support the organization’s goals and values

✓ Use data analytics from enCompassing Visions to track the relationship between employee performance, organizational values, and operational success



✓ Measures every aspect of employee performance – behavioral and technical competencies demonstrated, work plan objectives achieved,  and personal development objectives accomplished

✓ Enables single or multiple rater feedback

✓ Performance review questions generated by the software, summarized feedback, and system identified/prioritized development needs, are consistently and specifically related to each person’s job and what they are paid to do