Job Evaluation Software by Encompassing Visions

Our comprehensive university Job Evaluation Software + Integrated Talent Management suite will empower your organization to:

  • Define each job in your organization, quickly and easily
  • Evaluate every job for equitable compensation
  • Confirm the relative context and uniqueness of each job
  • Discover new competencies required when job responsibilities change
  • Build and manage job expectations and accountabilities

We’ve designed our job evaluation software module to reflect and measure the priorities of universities, post-secondary schools and educational institutions like emotional intelligence and customer focus.

Some features of our comprehensive university job evaluation software:


  • More than 15 audits help ensure the integrity of job evaluations.
  • A more granular evaluation methodology ensures every aspect of the role is factored in.
  • System generated evaluations ensures objective and consistent results (i.e. not open to subjective interpretation).
  • Can evaluate the full spectrum of jobs in an organization.
  • Job evaluation is viewed as transparent, objective, comprehensive, and equitable
  • Pay equity compliant (for jurisdictions requiring job evaluation)
  • Administrative and bureaucratic burden is greatly reduced as the system focuses on getting the job data right rather than interpreting subjective narrative.
  • Minimize confrontations and disputes about pay grades
  • Interest in increasing stakeholder participation and transparency of results
  • Establish internal equity positively impacting employee engagement
  • Easy and cost effective to implement.

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university job evaluation software

university job evaluation software

Our Integrated Suite

With Encompassing Visions, a university, post-secondary school or educational instituion’s core competencies are automatically embedded into HR processes. This ensures jobs are described and evaluated – and employees are consistently recognized, hired, promoted, and developed – in support of the organization’s culture and competitive advantage. Our full suite of university job evaluation software and talent management software is designed ensures your process is effective and empowers your institution.

Job Evaluation

Designed to reflect and measure the attributes of the ‘modern’ organization like emotional intelligence and customer focus.

  • Transparent, Objective, Comprehensive
  • Pay equity compliant
  • Easily maintained

Job Descriptions

System generated job descriptions minimize ‘creative writing’ and enhance consistency.

  • Comprehensive
  • Core competencies embedded
  • Facilitates transparency, common understanding of the role for employees and managers

Recruiting & Posting

Ensure your organization places the right people in the right role.

  • System generated recruiting and posting summaries include key job factors, technical knowledge, and core competencies
  • Interview questions help interviewers probe the skills and competencies of candidates

Learning & Growth

Key skills and core competencies for the role are system generated to facilitate comparison with the employee’s proficiencies.

  • Learning and growth opportunities defined by skills and competencies required in current role or future other role
  • Measurable ROI with training

Talent Assignment and Planning

Encompassing Visions helps your organization identify the best internal candidates for open roles.

  • Identify/promote the best candidates based on system calculated competency ‘fit’
  • Assess bench strength for specific roles or strategic competencies

Envitae & Databases

An easily completed multiple choice questionnaire, facilitating:

  • Organization-wide capture of competencies specific to an organization’s competitive advantage and culture
  • Collection of Job Data on 29 factors aggregating to: Skills, Effort, Responsibility and Working Conditions