Moneyball for Human Resource Management

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MoneyballIn 2001, general manager Billy Beane of Major League Baseball’s Oakland Athletic’s (played by Brad Pitt in the 2011 film Moneyball’) proved that measuring the right things would allow mathematics to analyze and cut straight through to where value could be found, with three decimal place precision.  Through the use of computer-generated analyses, Beane achieved remarkable success in assembling a baseball team with the smallest payroll in the league that would go on to set an American League record of 20 consecutive wins that year. Boston’s World Series victory in 2004 was directly attributed to the same theories that Beane pioneered.  And today, Moneyball’ is not just an accepted practice in every successful sport franchise – it’s an integral part of their operation.

Historically, and unfortunately, meaningful statistics about people working in organizations outside the realm of a sports team have been limited. Without measuring the right things, mathematics and computer-generated analyses about staff engagement and employee turnover rates can never objectively and consistently answer the question ‘Why?’  Costly decisions about employee compensation, learning and growth reviews/ratings, training investments and career planning can never be

1) proven to be anchored in complete objectivity,

2) quantified for impact on important other organizational measures of success (e.g., financial), or

3) consistently and effectively used to shape and create the desired future for the organization.

Until now.

After several years of research, significant programming, and drawing on the technical resources of partners with doctorate degrees in Clinical Psychology, Statistics, Education and Organizational Development, I am very pleased to announce that our Encompassing Visions software is what we are calling internally ‘Moneyball for HR’.

For now, I think it is enough to say that the simplicity of the process, the clarity of the results, and the quantify-able, prove-able, action-able and track-able decisions through Encompassing Visions are pretty amazing.

And, if you are currently using Encompassing Visions for Job Evaluation, you are already more than half way to realizing what’s possible when you bring the finest job evaluation system together with the finest learning and growth feedback system in the world; where each and every learning and growth characteristic can be measured, reported and tracked – with three decimal place precision.

Please give us a call.  Our team at Encompassing Visions would love to show you how we manage it – successfully.

Warmest wishes,

Douglas A.W. Chapman
Founder and Managing Director
Encompassing Visions


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