The Synergy of Effective Communication and Technology

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Communication - Whether Written or Verbally Expressed


Communication is one of the key things we all do.  What we ‘say’, through our words and actions, gives us the opportunity to connect, support, learn and develop meaningful relationships.

At Encompassing Visions, we felt we had some improvements to make with our external communications.  So, one of our 2017 priorities was to put ourselves under the ‘communication’ microscope.

We began the journey by selecting an internationally experienced communications firm.  They had no prior experience in our industry, and that was perfect for us. We wanted their research, interviews, feedback, and recommendations to be completely unbiased.  To have no preconceived ideas about our industry, or how we fit in it.

We asked them to answer three questions:

  1. Is our message clear, concise and effective?
  2. Can people understand how we can support them?
  3. Are we as unique as we believe we are with our HR Job and Talent Management Software solutions?

Their feedback was invaluable and honest. They confirmed that Encompassing Visions is unique in the marketplace. We were quite unlike other Human Resources software solutions offering Job and Talent Management.  The bad news…it took their researchers 20 minutes to discover that uniqueness on our previous website.  Then another 20 minutes to understand it.

Accountability – “Getting It Right”

Continuing on, they said, ‘holding people accountable for what they are paid to do’ is great, but-

  • No one will take as much time as we did to figure out how you do that;
  • It doesn’t adequately describe the true uniqueness of your approach; and
  • It certainly doesn’t indicate that ENCV is so accurate that it goes to 3 decimal places of measurement.

We then understood why the HR world was finding it difficult to find us. We had camouflaged our uniqueness.  So to ‘get it right’, our team immediately went to work re-defining our message.

Then last week it all went live. After 30 years, I think our message is finally a close match in quality to the incredible software it describes.

I couldn’t be prouder of the efforts my team put into making this all happen.  The results of their work speaks for itself. The message we are now able to share about our Job and Talent Management software has never been clearer.

But don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself. Stop by  and connect with us on our social media sites: LinkedIn and Facebook.

In closing, any feedback on our new look would be appreciated. Answering any questions about how we could support your organization ‘getting it right’ is always a pleasure too.

Thank you for your time and for giving us the opportunity to ‘communicate’ with you!

Warmest wishes,

Douglas A.W. Chapman
Founder and Managing Director
Encompassing Visions


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