Comprehensive Public Sector Job Evaluation Software

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Encompassing Visions has been recognized in the public sector as the most objective, transparent, thorough and effective way to capture job data and evaluate roles across the full spectrum of jobs within organizations. Our best of breed software, with its artificial intelligence and process automation, is generating results with supporting logic that management and staff can understand.  

We are now taking it one step further.  

What if organizations in the public sector came together to address a common set of tasks when it comes to developing competency-anchored job descriptions, and determining pay equity compliant job compensation?   

Public Sector Job Evaluation Software

What if, by working together, they could save hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in staff time and significant financial resources? 

At Encompassing Visions, we believe that cooperation between organizations in job documentation would not only minimize duplication of effort, but significantly raise the quality standard for how work is described, compensated and managed across the sector. We think that is important because many activities related to human resource management are dependent on a clear and objective understanding of what people are being paid to do, including recruiting, developmental feedback, employee engagement, and career planning.   

How would that happen?  

Encompassing Visions is currently working with HR Leadership from a number of different public sector organizations.  We collectively see enormous potential for the concept of sharing a common library of evaluated job descriptions that contain sector and job- specific behavioural competencies and technical skills.   

Each job in the library would be available for copying and fine tuning to ensure a perfect match with a role being done in another organization.  

Why now?  

The pandemic has impacted the workplace in many ways. Perhaps role responsibilities have shifted or reporting relationships have changed. Updating that information is important to ensure continued alignment of expectations, understanding, appropriate and defensible job compensation to maximize productivity and employee engagement. Your organization may never be more open to a transformative opportunity designed to save time and money. 


We would love to chat with you about the possibilities. Connect with us today about our comprehensive public sector job evaluation software.